Hot Towel Traditional Wet Shaves & Head Shaves

What better way to unwind and leave the stress of every day life behind, than with this traditional cut throat razor shave. A relaxing 40 minutes being swathed in hot towels and treated by experts will leave you looking incredibly sharp and feeling invigorated and ready for the rest of the day. 
Using professional products from the Shavedoctor, whose founder has been globally recognised for his knowledge and expertise on achieving the perfect 'wet shave', you will leave with skin that's nourished and smooth.

The Shavedoctor is a leading traditional wet shave brand that has an uber cool skin care range and now a luxury wet shave experience in salons and spas across the UK. 
This experience will allow you to understand the fundamental rules of a cut throat razor shave and leave you with super soft skin, plus the knowledge of how best to shave in the future. With Shavedoctor creams, oils and moisturisers to take available you will be treated to a little bit of luxury....nothing less than you deserve

Hot Towel Traditional Wet Shave - £20

Hot Towel Traditional Wet Shave & 'The Gentry' Haircut by the Master Barber - £25

Hot Towel Head Shave - £15

This luxury experience is showing to be a very popular choice. The head is shaved twice with the traditional cut throat razor to give you an incredible close shave. Hot and cold towels are applied throughout and the whole experience will leave you feeling completely invigorated. The head shave includes your neck and sideburns if desired, but does not include the facial shave although the two can be combined for £30 (see below).

Hot Towel Head Shave & Hot Towel Traditional Wet Shave £30

To book: call us on 01329 233663 or email us at

When buying Traditional Wet and Head shave's, it's always advisable to book a date and time with us first.
Proof of purchase is required.

Shaving Products by The Shave Doctor

All these products are available to buy at The Gentry, why not pick one up next time you are in!

Shave DoctorThe Shave
Doctor Facial
Wash 150ml

This Face Wash Gel contains Lemon Tea Tree Oil which has a fresh, citrus scent that is revitalizing and uplifting. It has anti-bacterial and tonic properties…It cleanses, refreshes, cools and stimulates.
Shave DoctorThe Shave

Moisturazor has been specially formulated so it is smooth to apply and quickly absorbed. Lemon Tea Tree Oil will leave the skin feeling refreshed and cool whilst soft and smooth to the touch.
Shave DoctorThe Shave

The Shave Crème is a superior lathering crème which lubricates and protects your face better than foams and gels. It will give you the closest shave ever and leave your skin ultra smooth.
Shave DoctorThe Shave Doctor
Shave Oil

This Shave Oil is designed to give the skin double protection from the razor blade heavily reducing the side effects of razor burn and razor rash. The Super thickness of this oil will help prevent the skin from drying out and help soak and prepare the stubble before shaving.

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